Sea Trout Fishing in Charleston

(Cynoscion Nebulosus)

aka Speckled Trout, Specks

Sea Trout are available all year around in Charleston Best Fishing coming in the cooler month of Spring & Fall. They are aggressive feeders. Early mornings can bring explosive strikes on top water lures, seatrout may also be caught on Bait, Lure or Fly. Sea Trout are light and delicious Table Fare.

SC Limits require a 14″ minimum length and 10 fish per person. Catch and release is encouraged.


Red Drum are available year round in Charleston while “Bull Reds” run April – November. They run between 10″ to 32″ in creeks & flats. Bull Reds can reach over 50″ and over 50lbs. They are around inlets, beaches, deep channels & jettys. Red Drums are hard fighting and can be caught on bait, lure, top water or fly.

SC Limits Red Drum to a slot limit of 15″ to 23″ and 3 fish per person. Catch & release is encouraged.